Caramel Cream by Aroma Heritage

Caramel Cream by Aroma Heritage

100 Grams

Caramel Cream is a naughty tea! This is a decadent blend of flavoured black tea that you’ll want to drink over and over again as a treat. Pamper yourself with a luscious black tea treat. We love how this one tastes with milk!

  • Caramel-flavoured with yummy caramel that your customers would love
  • Tastes delicious iced or hot
  • It's like eating a dessert, without all the calories
  • Steeping Guide

    • Serving Size: 1 Tsp / 250 ml
    • Water Temperature: 100 °C
    • Steeping Time:  2 Minutes
    • Serving Notes: Add Sugar/Milk As Desired

    This steeping guide provides a great starting point. The desired strength and flavour preferences can vary between person to person and we encourage you to experiment with