Clarity by Aroma Heritage

Clarity by Aroma Heritage

100 Grams

A cup of quality leaf tea provides Clarity.

A calming white tea to let your tea time BE YOUR ME TIME. 

  • Loose leaf tea
  • White tea with a calming refreshing touch of light mandarin taste.
  • Mandarin peel and osmanthus known for soothing your throat, making it a good tea before making a speech or giving a presentatio
  • Steeping Guide

    • Serving Size: 1 Tsp / 250 ml
    • Water Temperature: 70 °C
    • Steeping Time: 3 Minutes

    This steeping guide provides a great starting point. The desired strength and flavour preferences can vary between person to person and we encourage you to experiment with the serving size & brewing time to help you create your perfect cup.

    Our premium quality tea enables you to make multiple infusions from the same leaves.

  • Ingredi