Gin Shan Creme by Aroma Heritage

Gin Shan Creme by Aroma Heritage

100 Grams

Gin Shan Creme /White Dragon is a beautiful large leaf oolong tea from Taiwan.


This popular wulong has a light green-golden infusion with a welcoming milky fragrance. Its flavoursome aftertaste makes White Dragon very addictive.

In Asia, oolong (=Wulong) is particularly popular amongst people that want to be in better shape and have better skin. Now you can enjoy this beautiful tea without travelling miles!

  • Steeping Guide

    • Serving Size: 1 Tsp / 250 ml
    • Water Temperature: 90 °C
    • Steeping Time: 2 - 3 Minutes

    This steeping guide provides a great starting point. The desired strength