Osmanthus Oolong by Aroma Heritage

Osmanthus Oolong by Aroma Heritage

100 Grams

Osmanthus Oolong is a delicious golden-green Oolong infused with Osmanthus. The scent of this tea is simply irresistible with slightly sweet, fruity, and floral tasting notes. Made in a similar way to Jasmine tea, osmanthus flowers are used to infuse fragrance during processing.


Osmanthus is well known for its detoxifying properties, improving skin and boosting lung health. Coupled with the benefits of Oolong, which itself is known for its slimming properties, makes this blend a match made in heaven!

  • Steeping Guide

    1. Serving Size: 1 Tsp / 250 ml
    2. Water Temperature: 90 °C
    3. Steeping Time: 1 - 2 Minutes

    This steeping guide provides a great starting point. The desired strength and flavour preferences can vary between person to person and we encourage you to experiment with the serving size & brewing time to help you create your perfect cup.

    Our premium quality tea enables you to make multiple infusions from the same leaves.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients Oolong Tea (Camellia Sinensis)
    Caffeine Level Medium Caffeine